Aloop Customer SuperMotard,  XR400, XR600 / XR650L Photo Gallery

Probably the most popular option for a true Honda XR SuperMotard conversion bike, our Aloop kit transforms your XR/XRL by getting rid of that huge hump at the front of the seat. Now you can sit where your bike wants you to sit, and the improvement in handling is significant.

Some of the following machines are XR400's, some are XR600's, and others were born as street legal XRL's. It's easy to pick out the XR650L's since they're missing a kickstarter and they have a rather large left side number plate covering the battery box and ignition unit.

Aloop XR250 / XR400 Gallery #1       Aloop XR250 / XR400 Gallery #2      Aloop XR600 Photo Gallery  

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If you'd like to submit a picture of your bike for this gallery, we welcome your photos! Please send a digital image to this email. We'll post it right away! Thanks to everyone who has shared a photo of their ride!

This page last updated on Monday October 19, 2015